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Bella Grads

Contribute To A Bella

When you passionately give it is a wonderful way to reinvest into our communities. ABLS is a 501(c)(3) organization. All of our services are always free and open to the public. Our scholarships are established to honor individuals whom served and inspired our lives and communities. Each one is sponsored by local families that wanted to honor their angel(s). The selection process is comprised of a representative of the family and the Bella team. The academicians are carefully selected and must reflect the values of ABLS and the honorees.


Imagine the impact of enriching the lives of others by making a small contribution to support their endeavors. You can donate to our existing scholarships or if you are interested in establishing a Mental Wellness Memorial Scholarship, please contact us to learn more about how we collectively develop a legacy for your family. We must express our gratitude to our Bella families, The Charlot, Marquez, Mayon and Smith families for your dedication and contributions. ABLS could not exist without each of you.   

Bella Scholars 2019

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