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Here at A Bella LaFemme Society, we are driven to do our part of making an impact on the lives we are committed to serving. We are a newly incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.




Our societys' mission is dedicated to providing collegiate minority women with scholarships to promote mental wellness. We are structured to empower, advocate, alleviate hardships, reduce traumas through building resourceful sisterhoods within our communities. In support of increasing overall safety among women, we provide free self defense and gun safety courses. 


The scholarships can be applied to any area of life the recipient desires. We support our Bella's and have the faith that each will  make practical use of the funding.     



How did ABLS come to be, you may wonder...Well in my years of attending college and volunteering in the community, I noticed a void in support for minority women. This void is critical as it relate to mental health. This observation manifested over the years and my passion to reach as many lives I could, grew! This society have been a vision since 2012. We are living in a world where minorities are dying at alarming rates due to social injustices. When one of us is murdered, we all mourn. This creates an unbalance, clinical depression, anxiety, insomnia and suicidal thoughts. We need more outlets and advocacy. We need loyalty and realness as we travel on our paths in life.  I personally commit to promote and advocate internal wellness through my organization. 





Laketa M Smith

Executive Director

Our Mission

Through our advocacy efforts, we will work collectively with our partners locally and nationally within Criminal Justice Reform Coalitions to aide in the fight to end mass incarceration. Fall of 2020, we are aiming to fully launch our REBIRTH Initiative. This program will focus on assisting formerly incarcerated women with resources and funding as they readjust in society. 


The Why

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